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So we’ve got a new issue coming out soon and on our new website, coming up THIS WEEK!

This issue includes:

Obama/Osama memorial plates!

Prince Charles’ sex tips!

Summertime in Edinburgh!

Jeff Tipton!

Super Injunctions!

Meadows Map!

Andrew Lansley comeback rap!


Toilet Inspectors!

Will Self and a special RASCAL ONLY tram pass promotion!

love you all!


Well that’s the boring promo stuff out of the way!

We’ve all been quite busy with exams and work and all that jazz, but soon the Rascals shall be shaking off the cobwebs to begin work on the latest issue.

We’re working on a new website, well when I say we, I mean the very talented Emily who you can catch a glimpse of here:

She is creating something wonderful, and hopefully we will be able to have proper online content, created by someone with more talent than me. Well the plan is to have satirical/ridiculous news round-ups, nice things happening in Edinburgh, reviews of places/beers and links to interesting things going on. Things that true Rascals can enjoy.

That will be up soon.

As always, if there is anything you want to see included in the Rascal then send it to:


The Rascals

Back issues here

What in the world

Again, sorry for being out of action, but there are lots of plans brewing in Rascal land (it’s somewhere behind Marchmont) and we shall share them with you.

Firstly, the new issue is ready for distribution, hopefully. But you can read it online, or head to one of the places we are stocked.

We have a new issue coming out in May, with many lampoonable events beforehand, so we shall at least attempt our own take on the Royal Wedding.

We have a contributors group on facebook, so if you want to get involved in steering the course for the future, join up and shout at us for a bit.!/home.php?sk=group_197196363641644&ap=1

We are going to do a festival/fringe guide mainly by Edinburgh chaps and ladies, but aimed at the vast hoards who decend suddenly in August, drink all of our beer, laugh at our comedians, sit in our spot on the meadows, then bugger off back to Staines. And also where to go to get away from all of that nonsense. Potential Rascal celeb spotting tips too.

It will be a guide to the best places to go in Edinburgh according to us, and our opinion counts for a lot…

If you want to get involved in any aspect of that, then is where to head. If you have a bar, show, camping spot you think is the damn best, get in touch.

We are also doing a Freshers guide, for the new students accross Edinburgh. Because we all know, when we arrived, we didn’t fancy the usual shit that EUSA et all host, so we’re going to steer likeminded new arrivals in the direction of good bars, nights, people and places. We’d have liked that, and I hope they will too. Again, we’ll be hoping for people to get involved with that, to educate us all about the best places to see. Alongside some lovely comedy and whimsy.

That’s all for now, stay tuned!

Issue 3!

Open publication - Free publishing - More babes


The new issue, with all the nonsense you have come to expect from the Rascal

It’s been far too long

Sorry everyone,

I’ve not really been updating the Rascal website. It’s been a combination of dissertation and being stuck in some kind of netherworld without communication, namely Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

We are back now, with a new issue to boot!

So have a wee read and see what you think.

More updates to come!


The Second Issue

Open publication - Free publishing - More absurd


The Edinburgh Rascal

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February submissions

Chaps and Chapettes,

Thank you for making the latest issue possible, if you haven’t seen it yet you can read it online here:

We had so many brilliant submissions, but we couldn’t fi…t them all in, but please keep sending us your things.

We Rascals never sleep, and when we’re not playing Big Society Cluedo (it’s easier than normal Cluedo because there isn’t a library) we are busy working on the February issue.

This is where you step in, we need as many submissions as possible. We especially want illustrations this month, so if you have a skill for recreating medieval woodcuts or even just making funny cartoons then we’re interested in doing business.

With written submissions, generally the shorter the better. We can’t publish anything longer than 500 words in our current format, and that’s the absolute maximum. Sorry to sound so authoritarian, but the more compact it is, the greater the chance it will be published.

These are just some general ideas, but let the creative juices flow, and we’ll see what happens.

You can send all submissions and queries to by February 10th for inclusion.

Remember, we love the absurd, ridiculous and nonsensical, so anything can be sent.

The Rascals

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The Edinburgh Rascal

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The Second Mighty Issue Read it and weep

➜ The Second Mighty Issue
The Rascal is Unleashed!

And Lo, the great prophets of whimsy released unto the world a new issue of The Edinburgh Rascal! 

Inside were tales of espionage, whisky, Captain Beefheart and the notorious foxyman. The Rascals, not content with hoarding the paper copies of their fine magazine to themselves decided to share it with those who had not wandered the deserts of peculiarity for many long years. That being you, my friend.

So, in order to secure yourself a copy, email and ask for the cure to the lack of fitfulness we all suffer from time to time.

Forth, into the Big Society, which we shall studiously lampoon, and into the biggest fucking sunset we’ve ever seen.

See you there, mate.